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Our group is dedicated to the medical tourism par excellence, coordinated at the United States of America and México with the highest care level, offering surgical procedures at the plastic aesthetic and reconstructive surgery fields.

Focused on medical care for patients coming from USA, CANADA and other countries abroad. Our commitment is providing every patient with the value he/she deserves, treating him/her as a good guest.

Our goal is providing patient with human quality, responsibility and safety, strengthening patient-doctor relationship.


Niebles Plastic Surgery offers a full range of high quality surgical procedures and experience at the plastic surgery field and reconstructive surgery for both, women and men.

All physical and emotional needs of every patient are met, creating a new image based on beauty, safety and optimism.
With our specialized and highly trained personnel we are committed to provide an excellence service to patient, national and foreigner. Safety, health and welfare of our patients is the advantage we have over others.


Our vision is to be projected into the future as a worldwide company; be the leader in plastic and reconstructive surgery and to boost medical tourism for the foreign patient to have opportunity to get an aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, sure and reliable.

Niebles plastic surgery is responsible company, with ethic and profesional criteria, focused to our patients care, both national and foreigners, with an excellence and high level service.